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- кран BTC+ Roll Dice+лотерея
Платит на: 💶 Кошелек
Минимум на вывод: 0.00005 BTC (5000 satoshi)
Валюта: Bitcoin
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Кран BTC crazybitcoin

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Welcome to CrazyBitcoin!

Bitcoin faucets & games

Claim the Bitcoin faucet every 30 minutes and the roll dice every hour!
What is a Bitcoin faucet?
A bitcoin faucet is a reward system based on a website that dispenses rewards in the form of a satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC (1 satoshi = 0,00000001 BTC), for visitors to claim in exchange for completing a captcha or other tasks.


Quick Info


  • In order to claim on our faucets, you have to register and login
  • You need a Bitcoin Wallet Address to withdraw gained funds; if you don’t have one, we reccomend blockchain.info
  • The minimum threshold is 0.00005 BTC (5000 satoshi), payments are processed every monday and thursday
  • Double check your minimum deposit amount of your wallet, we do not repay lost btc if your minimum deposit amount is higher than your withdrawal
  • Play other funny BTC games! We have a weekly lottery, hi-lo, fortune hunter and snakes!
  • Don’t miss our other faucets: DOGECOIN, LITECOIN and the promising cryptocurrency TRON
  • We have a 1-level referral system of a flat 20% of all claims on faucet and roll dice, share your referral link ang gain a passive income