На шару: 💎 10 satoshi ⏳ 5 minutes
- 5-ти минутник с моментальной выплатой на FaucetHub
Платит на: 💶 FaucetHub
Минимум на вывод: нету -сразу на FaucetHub
Валюта: Bitcoin
Подробнее о Кран Bitcoin bigbtc:

Кран Bitcoin bigbtc  Реферальная программа 20%

Дополнительно:Давний стабильный кран, платит не много но радует своей стабильностью


5-ти минутник Кран Bitcoin. Платит на FaucetHub без минимума на вывод. Рефка 30%(!)

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How can I withdraw my earnings?

You can withdraw in any moment by clicking on your balance. We use faucethub.io micropayment cache to send your bitcoins. If you don’t have a faucethub.io’s account you must create if firstly. If you see error while trying to withdraw, try again later.

Do you have referral program?

Yes, we have. You will get 30% of your referred users commisions. Once you are logged in, referral link is shown at the bottom of main page. You can also use our banners. Check REFER page for more details.